KIMFO brings together two generations of the Kimche Family, David and his son Aviad. Together, they provide the comprehensive professional service benefitting all KIMFO clients.

Aviad Kimche 

David Kimche

Founder and President, David brings 40 years of international banking and global investment experience.


As Head of International Activities, David was part of the executive management of Mizrahi Bank in Israel. He was President of UMB Bank & Trust Company in New York and Chairman of its Board.  During his term at Mizrahi he also was Head of Trading in Financial Markets.


Before joining the executive management of Mizrahi Bank he was Head of Financial Planning at Bank Leumi where he also served in London as Deputy to the General Manager of Bank Leumi (UK) plc.


He brings vast experience in all areas of international private banking as well as extensive connections worldwide.  Kimche has an MBA in Finance and BA in Economics., both from Tel Aviv University. 

Chief Investment Officer - joined KIMFO in 2010.  He brings a decade of experience in global investing.


Aviad uses state of the art tools to measure and manage financial risks. He specializes in ETF's traded on global markets and in alternative investments which enable our clients to enjoy high returns with low correlation to the financial markets.


Aviad has a BA in Economics & Business Administration and MBA in Finance from Bar-Ilan University.

Before joining KIMFO, Aviad, who is a licensed portfolio manager, was a portfolio manager in a leading investment house in Israel which specializes in managing global investment  portfolios. In addition, he was responsible for managing the portfolio of hedge funds both for private  clients and institutional investors.